The Pocket Surfer 2 has been getting some great press and testimonials on websites like Amazon. Here are the kind of things people are saying about the Pocket Surfer 2

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"Not long ago I purchased your PocketSurfer2, which I feel is the new way in the future of computer communication."
Malcolm - http://www.pocketsurfer.co.uk/html/Testimonials.htm

"In fact any site we tried loaded up really quickly, and we mean quickly, with less graphical sites (like our backend Content Management System loading almost instantly)."
Editor - pocket-lint.co.uk

"Had the gadget now for a 4/5 days. Sussed it out with ease and as of yet have not had it crash or fail to load. I have not found any websites that don't work."
Michael J. Vincent - amazon.co.uk

"So to cap this up; no subscription for a year when keeping to just twenty hours per month, which is ample for my own needs, I think makes this a good deal."
H. Fields - amazon.co.uk

compare prices for the pocket surfer 2 now